●Computed Tomography


It is mainly used for root canal treatment, and tooth extraction.
Using CT, we are able to give accurate treatment and better quality service.

●Cephalometric Xray


It is mainly used to diagnose orthodontics.

Er-Yag Laser is used for disinfecting and incising the gum,
treatment for caries, bone surgery, root canal treatment,
and treatment for stomatitis.
No vibration during treatment and No need for using anesthesia.
We use this lesser for patients who experience anxiety or stress
of dental treatment.

●Dental X-ray




●Er-Yag Laser

  • Our clinic uses powerful microscope for tooth restoration, setting prostheticappliance, root canal treatment, surgery, and diagnosis.
    It is able to magnify images up to 24 times, which guarantees high performance.


●Surgery center

  • In severe cases we use our Surgery center room. It is furnished with the most modern equipment and tools. Air purifiers are sterilizing machine attached.


●Sterilization Room

All the equipment that is used in our clinic will be sterilized in this room.
Some equipment that cannot be sterilized are disposable.

  • Radiation exposure level is lower than analog X-ray.